Digital Marketing for Doctors

Gets More Patients

As the world continues to move to a digital marketplace, medical practices can no
longer rely solely on traditional marketing methods. Doctors who want to expand their
reach take advantage of effective digital marketing campaigns.
Let's Grow My Practice

Expand Your Reach

If you aren’t taking advantage of digital marketing, you’re falling behind
while your competitors line up your prospective patients. Are potential patients
finding your medical practice or your competition’s?

SEO for Doctors

We’ll cost effectively help you get the most clicks and help you appear above your competition in the search results. We’ll also apply SEO to your website to ensure a higher search ranking. When you’re appearing on the first page of search results, you’re gaining more visibility in front of prospective patients.

Reputation Management for Doctors

Over 80% of Americans will use the Internet to research doctors. Reputation management for doctors is important to expanding your practice and finding new patients. Online reviews are a vital part of building trust with prospective patients, and will also influence the amount of traffic to your website.

Social Media for Doctors

Enhance brand awareness with an engaging social media campaign. You’ll reach more prospective patients and gain more followers, all while building trust. Effective social media management will cost less per lead and you’ll convert followers from leads to patients and pick up more referrals along the way.

Email Marketing for Doctors

Marking is the most important piece of a medical practice’s digital strategy. Email marketing is a powerful tool in your arsenal. When you use email marketing to speak directly to patients or prospective patients, you’re building trust. With email marketing, you can send blog articles or relevant articles and information.

PPC Advertising for Doctors

An effective way to push more traffic to your website is through pay-per-click advertising. Prospective patients are already searching for doctors like you, but are they able to find you? With a tailored campaign, PPC ads creative more visibility for your medical practice and make it easier for future patients to find you.

Web Design for Doctors

When you have a modern, professional website that allows prospective patients to learn more about you and your staff is critical to the growth of your practice. A great website will boost credibility and help you build trust and your patient base. Consider it the online face of your medical practice.

Why use Ragged Tiger
Digital Marketing Services
For Doctors?

Doctors are looking for more ways to reach current or prospective patients. Medical practices are using the web and social media to educate patients, schedule appointments, improve service, and earn loyalty.

Digital marketing plays a vital role in the success of your practice. The overwhelming majority of American adults are using the Internet and nearly half use it to search for doctors or medical information.

Digital marketing will grow your medical practice.

Digital Marketing for Doctors Works

The number of medical searches by prospective patients continues
to increase. Patients have changed how they evaluate and decide on
healthcare providers. You want to be front and center when their research
begins, not your competition.

Don’t be left behind.

What do you get from
Digital Marketing Services
For Doctors?

The success of your practice relies on its ability to grow. To make this happen, you need an effective digital marketing partner. Take a look at these benefits:

  • Make your medical practice more accessible and appealing.
  • Increase brand awareness and trust.
  • Increase patient loyalty and gain more referrals.
  • Schedule more appointments and watch your practice grow.
  • A great return on your marketing investment.

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