Digital Marketing for Home Builders

Builds Brand Equity

Home builders can no longer rely on traditional forms of marketing to sell homes. Consumers
increasingly rely on Internet research to guide home buying decisions. Take advantage of
digital marketing's results and watch your sales soar.

Show Me The Blueprint

Success Story

A home builder partnered with our Digital Strategists on a PPC campaign.
The client wanted to be competitive and generate cost-effective, quality leads.

Goals & Strategy

The priority was getting optimal performance out of the client’s budget. The team worked closely with the client to ensure on-site conversions were easy and conversion tracking was functional. Small campaigns were created with specific geographic parameters.


For the first three months, we were able to generate 442 leads at a cost of $19.22 each through PPC. This was a significant improvement over the client’s previous marketing firm. The home builder saw an increase in leads and sales despite market trends.


Return on investment


Decrease in bounce rate

SEO for Home Builders

Reach buyers early in the sales cycle with SEO. In home construction, where the buying cycle is longer, SEO becomes more effective. Search engine optimization provides opportunities to place your brand in front of prospective home buyers. This is an opportunity that your competitors will overlook.

Reputation Management for Home Builders

The home construction industry relies on reputation and referrals. Home buyers want to work with companies they can trust. It only takes one negative review to derail your reputation online. We’ll proactively work to promote positive reviews and preserve your reputation. Your business depends on it.

Social Media for Home Builders

Social media is a great way to stand out from your competitors and target your audience. It can be challenging for you to know what to post. That’s where our social media management services enters the picture. We’ll grow your following, expand your reach, and engage with your audience to turn leads into sales.

Email Marketing for Home Builders

Professional email marketing directly to your list of homeowners, real estate agents, and prospects will generate more leads and improve engagement with prospects. Our email marketing services for the home construction industry will communicate announcements and promotions, keeping your brand front and center.

PPC Advertising for Home Builders

Localized pay-per-click ad campaigns can be one of the best ways for home builders to generate targeted, qualified traffic to your website. When you know they keywords buyers are searching for, you can target these buyers with PPC advertising that converts leads into prospects where you can close the deal.

Web Design for Home Builder

Your website should reflect your brand. We’ll create a custom website that is customized for your company with a focus on showcasing your work, calls-to-action, and lead generation. Your website is the front door of your business. It should be engaging and effectively turn visitors into active buyers.

Why use Ragged Tiger
Digital Marketing Services
For Home Builders?

Home builders need to stay ahead of trends and understand how to reach home buyers where they are – online. Yesterday’s marketing strategies aren’t as effective today, and won’t work tomorrow. This is where digital marketing enters the picture.

You can modify your marketing approach now by engaging with prospective home buyers online. A digital marketing strategy will reach a larger audience and result in more quality leads and conversions.

If your competition isn’t doing this, great. If they are, you’re falling behind.

Digital Marketing for Home Builders
Generates Sales

A successful digital marketing campaign means targeting local home buyers
and generating qualified leads. Brand visibility raises awareness with
potential home buyers and results in more sales.

Home buyers are online. Are you ready to go after them?

What do you get from
Digital Marketing Services
For Home Builders?

Digital marketing is more effective than traditional forms of marketing. Check out these benefits:

  • Reach targeted leads that become home buyers.
  • Increased brand awareness and reputation.
  • Maintain engagement with prospective buyers.
  • Effectively manage your online reputation.
  • More home sales.

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About Us

Ragged Tiger is a national digital marketing agency with offices in St. Louis
and The Palm Beaches. With over a decade of experience, our Digital Strategists
have worked with professional basketball and hockey teams, auto dealerships,
video streaming companies, financial services companies, and more.

We Deliver Results

We don’t just deliver clicks and visitors, we deliver conversions. We prove those results and help you clearly understand the value of the services we perform.

Customer Service

Our customer service and responsiveness is unmatched. Our programs include regular meetings to keep you informed and engaged in the entire process.

Habit Forming

Clients dig what our Digital Strategists do to slaughter the competition and juice up revenue and sales. It’s addictive and they like coming back for more.


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