Digital Marketing for Law Firms

Makes the Case

You're aware of the need for a solid digital presence in today's competitive legal
environment. Rise to the top of your field with digital marketing and find more leads
with a solid digital marketing strategy.
Acquire More Clients

Success Story

A law firm wanted to expand their branding across the United States,
establish a reputation and drive traffic to their website. They were
lacking brand awareness and quality web traffic.


The goals of this campaign were to increase social engagement and website traffic, while reducing their bounce rate.

Campaign Strategy

  • Use Facebook ads and curate page posts to capture attention and build a community of loyal followers.
  • Use content marketing tactics by serving ads that provided helpful articles from client website.
  • Curate, post, and engage with followers on Facebook.
  • Determine what type of content resonates with the demographic and optimize content based on this research.

Campaign Results


New followers in first week of campaign


Facebook Engagement Rate


Web traffic increase in four months


Followers in first 50 days of campaign


Likes, comments and shares per post


Decrease in bounce rate

SEO for Law Firms

Where’s the first place someone goes to search for a lawyer? They search for local firms, lawyers and attorneys online. Law firms should have a digital marketing strategy that involves landing on the first page of search results. With SEO, we’ll target the perfect keywords and drive more traffic to your website.

Reputation Management for Law Firms

Your reputation is one the most important factors consumers look at before deciding to hire an attorney. Most will take reviews from former clients into account when considering an attorney. Reputation management will boost your position as an expert and improve online visibility.

PPC Advertising for Law Firms

Law firms that are successful at digital marketing don’t rely solely on organic search traffic. Pay-per-click advertising is effective in attracting potential clients to your website. An effective PPC campaign will target your legal specialty and location, and will send qualified traffic to your website.

Email Marketing for Law Firms

Email marketing for law firms can be a powerful means of bringing in new, repeating business. Don’t lose a client because they didn’t know you offered a service or forgot that you even existed. Effective email marketing means you stay top of mind. Stay in touch and generate more referrals.

Social Media for Law Firms

If you’re a lawyer, social media is a necessary part of your marketing strategy. If you aren’t using social media, you’re losing clients to the competition. Turn leads into more cases with an active Facebook, Twitter and Instagram presence that engages with followers, helpful content and paid advertising.

Craft Brewing Web Design

A law firm needs to convey a sense of trust and professionalism. Your website is likely the first interaction a potential client will have with you. Stand out from the competition with a professionally designed website that represents your firm, conveys a sense of trust, and helps it grow.

Why use Ragged Tiger
Digital Marketing Services
For Law Firms?

More than half of all law firms invest the bulk of their marketing budget on digital marketing. This means attorneys put at least half of their income into promoting their services online.

Lawyers are a lot like small business owners. They only like to invest in something if they’ll see positive results. Marketing a law firm online is one of the best investments you can make for your practice. Don’t believe us? Check out the case study at the top of this page.

Digital marketing for law firms works…and works well.

Digital Marketing for Law Firms
Means More Clients

The best law firms know that digital marketing is more than just being online.
It also means having a strong presence. We’ll craft an approach that is tailored
to your firm and will lead to more clients and more cases.

We’ve done it for others. We can do it for you too.

What do you get from
Digital Marketing Services
For Law Firms?

Spend more time in the courtroom winning cases when you turn your digital marketing services. We’ll send more leads and cases your way. Not only will you save time, but you’ll enjoy these benefits:

  • New, high quality leads.
  • More web traffic.
  • More referrals.
  • Increased engagement and client interaction.
  • Improved brand reputation.

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